Keep Track of Expenses

With a very new, fledgeling business, there are many little rules and ideas that should be adhered to along the way. Formulating a business plan is a major one. If money is to be acquired either via a grant, or loan, then the lender will need to see that business plan – a year, five year and ten-year projections will need to make sense. The ideas behind the product and sustainability are essential. Showing clearly how the product or service has been financed so far will indicate whether the loan or grant will be used to boost and grow the business and not just be a means of paying off old debt from failed efforts. Keeping an eye on outward expenditure is more critical than people think. No lender is going to give a second thought if the books are not balancing at the beginning. Every business needs start-up funding but allowing expenditure to run riot after the heart has over-ruled the head is not a healthy or wise start!