Avoiding One’s Learning Curve Turning Into A Spiral

IT Skills – ah the joy that is knowing what one is supposed to do with one’s laptop when one is surrounded by an audience of ladies all hoping for a lot of interesting speakers to appear before them.    I had such an experience fairly recently in that we were gathered in a village hall in a very busy village in rural England.   Before I was even able to open my carry case containing the laptop and cables etc, I had to unload the projector and many more cables, pointer devices, screens, two off.  Then there was the unreeling of a long power cable – the halls we use seem to have had electricity added in a reluctant burst around the turn of the last century so there is only ever one power piont, always miles from where I need the electronics!    I now even had my own Danger – Cables mats.  The point of this article is that without some rapid IT skills training, I would never have known how to quickly set up the laptop and projector, get that fully focused and up to 15 powerpiont presentations in sequence for an audience of baying institute members!