Finding Leadership for Business

The way we start our business is going to vary from one person to another. You might have a guy who gets on well with people throughout school and on into college or university. At the school level, he would have been marked out early as a Prefect and more than likely on to Head Boy. People instinctively look to him for advice and a little confidence boost when working together on projects or schemes. This naturally singles him out later in life as one of those high achievers. There are many who start off that way but can fade with the mantle of responsibility weighing a little heavy after a while. However, with a really well-organised system, this guy will get where he wants to be in the industry. He’ll know what he’s good at, what areas of business he can sell to – he’ll have just the product to market at the right time and he will have a business plan. He revisits his plan often and adjusts to accommodate changes.