Will That Business Course Bring Instant Status Or Be A Slow Burner

There is many a business leader, of say a senior age and position, been with the operation for many years and has now grown cynical and a bit stale.  Has very little ambition left and offers little in the way of inspiration to the younger generation of company directors or chairmen.   They fail to keep up with modern trends in running businesses and have absolutely no idea what is taught at universities, be that in business or any other area.  Higher education offers a different way into business leadership.  It can be hard work but as with everything, the harder you work at the beginning of anything, the bigger the reward when the course is finished.  When questioning whether business academy or university is right for someone, they must pose the question that all self made entrepreneurs ask themselves – will this course or activity bring any strategic benefit to my business or personal situation?  Will attending for 3 years gain me recognition in my field.  Maybe not, but attendance and partaking will most definitely inspire and guide good business principles and a greter understanding of what is needed to get to the top and succeed.    Many who do go on to success will give back to the next generation by becoming mentors and business advisors themselves.