Improving Your Time Management Skills

Managing your time at work, and during relaxation is a great skill to develop, allowing you to get the most from each day.  Here are some key ideas to help you get better time management skills.

Use a time planner

The first technique to think of is to develop a planning system.  A time planner will have a master list of each task, goal and action required.  This can help you to allocate time slots to each task.  By planning your time ahead, you can easily see when and where tasks need to completed.

Work to a list

Once you have your future tasks pencilled in, create a list each day of the tasks you want to complete that day. Work through your list systematically to complete everything on time. This works well for both work days and home days, allowing you to get all the things done. Don’t forget to allow time to breathe in between tasks!

Prioritise your tasks

When you are using a daily task list, it can be tempting to work from easiest to hardest. This is not always a good idea! We put off the more challenging tasks, whereas we should aim to complete tasks in order of importance, not simplicity!